Pet Friendly Info


Moving can be a stressful time for home owners and pets alike. When preparing to sell a home many pets will “sense” something in their life is about to change. As we know for dogs and cats territory is everything. I have definitely seen signs of emotional distress when strange people (buyers) start showing up to preview the home. During the entire home selling or buying process it is my job to allow for a smooth successful transition and thus reduce stress for pets and people alike.


My Marketing Plan will put into place procedures to insure this will occur. For those traveling to our area looking for pet friendly accommodations from hotels to restaurants I recommend the following 2 websites: and . Below are a couple of pictures showing a cat condo I had built for my cats. Everybody’s home and property is situated differently so the person building it needs to have the proper talent/ skill set.Same is true for dog enclosures because coyotes can jump a 6 ft. fence if motivated.